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Founder Strength Assessment

Extended DISC Assessement and Debrief

Founder Strength Assessment

Are you an entrepreneur or founder embarking on your startup journey? Understanding your strengths and potential gaps is crucial for success. In the fast-paced and dynamic landscape of business and entrepreneurship, elements of Emotional Intelligence, including Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness, and Relationship Management, form the foundation of effective leadership and team collaboration. But the journey towards mastering these elements begins with a deep understanding of oneself.

The "Founder's Strengths & Support Assessment Package" powered by the Extended DISC® Behavioural Assessment is designed to provide you with valuable insights into your natural and adapted behavioural styles, helping you navigate your entrepreneurial path effectively.

For founders, entrepreneurs, and startups, Extended DISC is a valuable tool that offers deep insights into their behavioural styles, communication preferences, and leadership tendencies. It helps them understand their strengths, potential blind spots, and how they adapt to various business challenges.

This knowledge is essential for making informed decisions, building effective teams, and fostering better relationships with team members, investors, and partners.


  • Entrepreneur Extended Disc Behavioural Assessment + Debrief
  • $300 per assessment
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Extended DISC Assessement and Debrief

Team Development Package

This Team Development Package is tailored for startups with multiple founders or team members. It focuses on strengthening team cohesion, enhancing communication, and fostering a collaborative and productive work environment. The package includes a comprehensive team report, a half-day interactive workshop, and facilitated discussions to address key aspects of team dynamics.

This in-depth report compiles the strengths and development areas of your entire team based on individual Extended DISC assessments. 


  • Team Report 
  • Half Day Workshop
  • $2000.00 x GST

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