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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a school, can I add a bulk upload of students to the FutureSkills4U Digital Skills Program

Yes, we will be happy to upload a whole cohort of students to the Digital Skills Program as we do find it is the most effective way to add students on volume 

Do you have advisors to speak at our conference, event, webinar

We are committed to sharing knowledge and insights. We are happy to discuss your needs, our availability and whether there is an opportunity to collaborate

Do you have a list of courses available on the FutureSkills4U Digital Skills Program

There are over 60,000 courses on the FutureSkills4U Digital Skills Program. The extent and scope of courses and levels has an extremely diverse coverage. Due to the extent of the courses and the fact that we are constantly adding courses, we can not create a list. However,  We guarantee that everyone will find something that they will benefit from.