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Regional and Rural Queensland Digital Skills Program



Welcome to the Expression of Interest form to participate in the Rural and Regional Queensland Digital Skills Program. 

This program is part of the Queensland Governments commitment to improving digital capabilities, helping people to develop digital skills ready to face the future. Places in this program are capped.

Acceptance into this program provides you with a valuable opportunity to have access to unlimited training courses on the Go 1 platform up to December 2023

Through the Go 1 platform you can complete a wide range of courses of different lengths. The topics have been curated for you so that you can find easily courses that might suit your time frames and interests.

Benefits include:

  • Huge library of training courses
  • Wide range of course times from as short as 15 minutes
  • Certificates provided at the completion of each course
  • Awards for the high completion rates
  • Video call with  with your program coordinator to ask questions about digital careers and courses to complete.   
  • Extension of time available on the platform for power users

How to Get Involved.

This program is open to regional and rural Queenslanders over the age of 13. We work with Businesses, community groups, not for profits and directly with individuals to sign up themselves or their members. All individuals can register using the below QR code.

Enrol Now

Schools : This program is available to students over the age of 13, faculty and support personnel. If you would like to involve your school, please reach out to our Business Development Management Miranda Mears to discuss appropriate cohorts, timeframes and other key information to maximise value out of the program to your schools. 

The training courses can fit in and around existing class schedules and is available online on demand. Participants receive certificates and awards for completing courses which is useful not just in developing skills but in providing useful information on resumes