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Founders Extended Disc Strength Assessment

Breakthrough - Entrepreneurship Extended DISC Report (2)Are you an entrepreneur embarking on your startup journey? Understanding your strengths and potential gaps is crucial for success.

 In the fast-paced and dynamic landscape of business and entrepreneurship, elements of Emotional Intelligence, including Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness, and Relationship Management, form the foundation of effective leadership and team collaboration. But the journey towards mastering these elements begins with a deep understanding of oneself.

The "Founder's Strengths & Support Assessment Package" powered by the Extended DISC® Behavioural Assessment is designed to provide you with valuable insights into your natural and adapted behavioural styles, helping you navigate your entrepreneurial path effectively.

Extended DISC is a behavioural assessment tool that measures and analyses an individual's natural (unconscious) and adapted (conscious) behavioural styles. It helps individuals and organisations gain insights into their personality traits, communication preferences, strengths, and areas for development. Extended DISC assessments are often used for personal and professional development, team building, leadership development, and conflict resolution. This tool provides practical insights that can be immediately applied to improve interactions, enhance motivation, and promote better understanding among team members and colleagues.

For founders, entrepreneurs, and startups, Extended DISC is a valuable tool that offers deep insights into their behavioural styles, communication preferences, and leadership tendencies. It helps them understand their strengths, potential blind spots, and how they adapt to various business challenges. This knowledge is essential for making informed decisions, building effective teams, and fostering better relationships with team members, investors, and partners.


The Extended DISC® Behavioural Assessment is a self-assessment that measures your natural (unconscious) behavioural style as well as your adjusted (conscious) style.

The Assessment is completed by undertaking a short 15 minute online survey. You will then receive a personalised report that will provide insights that are valuable in navigating the unique challenges of startup environments and achieving sustainable success. 

Following the report you will receive a A dedicated half-hour debriefing session with a certified coach to help you understand how your assessment results can be applied in your startup journey.

Breakthrough - Entrepreneurship Extended DISC Report (1)

  • Self-Awareness: Gain a deep understanding of your natural and adapted behavioural styles, allowing you to make informed decisions and adapt your leadership approach as needed.
  • Improved Communication: Learn how to enhance your day-to-day interactions with colleagues, investors, and team members, ultimately fostering better cooperation and collaboration.
  • Stress Management: Detect behaviours that indicate stress and develop strategies for dealing with the challenges and pressures of the life of a founder start up and growth cycles.
  • Identify Drivers: Recognise your natural strengths and find ways to leverage them to stay motivated and achieve your entrepreneurial goals.
  • Bridge Barriers: Identify barriers and gaps in the team to identify optimal strengths to bring into the organisation in advisory boards, mentors, co founders and support coaches.
  • Drive Cohesion and Culture: For startups with multiple founders or team members, the team assessment and workshop strengthen team dynamics, aligning values, behaviours, and personality types.

This Team Development Package is tailored for startups with multiple founders or team members. It focuses on strengthening team cohesion, enhancing communication, and fostering a collaborative and productive work environment.

The package includes a comprehensive team report, a half-day interactive workshop, and facilitated discussions to address key aspects of team dynamics.

This Team Development Package is designed to equip startups with the tools and knowledge needed to build a cohesive and high-performing team. By addressing behavioural dynamics and fostering open communication, startups can position themselves for success and growth in today's competitive business landscape

Key Components:

Team Report: This in-depth report compiles the strengths and development areas of your entire team based on individual Extended DISC assessments. It provides valuable insights into the collective behavioural traits, communication styles, and potential areas for improvement within the team and serves as a foundation for targeted team development efforts.

Half-Day Workshop: A dynamic, interactive workshop designed to address critical aspects of team dynamics, including values, behaviours, personality types, and their impact on collaboration and decision-making. Facilitated by certified expertise in Extended DISC and team development this workshop encourages open dialogue and active participation from team members.


  • Enhanced Team Dynamics: Gain a comprehensive understanding of your team's behavioural preferences, allowing you to harness collective strengths and mitigate potential conflicts.

  • Improved Communication: Develop effective communication strategies tailored to your team's unique composition, ensuring that ideas are exchanged smoothly and that everyone feels heard and valued.

  • Conflict Resolution: Identify and address potential sources of conflict within the team, creating a more harmonious and productive work environment.

  • Alignment of Values: Ensure that your team's values align with the startup's mission and vision, fostering a sense of purpose and shared commitment.

  • Motivated and Engaged Team: Promote motivation and engagement among team members by recognising and leveraging their individual and collective strengths.

Individual Assessments: $250.00 x GST per assessment

Team Development Package $1000.00 X GST 

To Purchase:

Please email:  with the names, emails for individual assessments. We will send you an invoice to confirm your order. Once payment has been received we will email the access codes and links to the online survey to complete the assessment.